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Decision Clarity Consulting is a professional services firm focused on helping organizations make better decisions, faster. By concentrating on the process of decision-making, we are able to help clients avoid pitfalls that otherwise reduce the probability of success.

While Decision Clarity Consulting does not address expertise-based decisions predicated solely on deep content knowledge in a particular domain, we are a highly networked organization able to leverage such expertise among independent professionals and consulting firms to the benefit of our client’s needs.

Charles Bayless

Charles Bayless
Managing Director

Charles Bayless is the Managing Director and founder of Decision Clarity Consulting.

Charles has thirty years of experience in the management consulting industry in addition to entrepreneurial experience. As Partner, CEO, COO or CFO, he has managed, established, and turned-around more than half a dozen professional services businesses on three continents. In addition to the decision-making process, he has deep experience in supply chain management, customer relations management, knowledge management, New Product Development, alliance management, HR processes and ERP implementation. Through his executive roles, he has served clients across many industries with multi-year focus on Consumer Products, Energy, Telecom, and Retail.

Clients Charles has served in a lead role include:

Technology Sector: HP, IBM, Cisco, Intel, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle
Consumer Products Sector:  Coca-Cola Company, BAT, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola Amatil, Ciberion
Telecom Sector:  AT&T, Telstra, Optus, BellSouth, Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, General Telephone
Power Sector:  Public Service Electric & Gas, Philadelphia Electric Company, Commonwealth Electric, Entergy, Northeast Utilities, Long Island Lighting Company, Louisville Gas & Electric, Union Electric, Jersey Central Power & Light, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Florida Power Company, SIGECO, Grand River Dam Authority, Public Service Indiana
Extraction Sector:  ExxonMobil, BHP

Executive roles Charles has fulfilled include:

Founder and Managing Director Decision Clarity Consulting
Founder and President Internet startup
CEO Capgemini Technologies North America
Capgemini North America Alliances Leader
Capgemini North America International Sales Director
Capgemini Global Consumer Product, Retail, Distribution Leader
Capgemini Board Member of Ciberion (joint venture with BAT)
Capgemini Asia Pacific Sector Leader
Ernst & Young Global Account Manager for Fortune Fifty Company
COO Ernst & Young Consulting Australia

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