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Decision Audit Services


You have been given a recommendation or decision made by a team, another department, or some other party and you have to decide whether to endorse the recommendation.

You were not involved in generating the recommendation but are responsible for the outcome.

  • Is it a sound recommendation?
  • Is it defendable?
  • Have all the risks been taken into account?
  • What is the degree of confidence in the efficacy of the recommendation?
  • Are there better alternatives?


Conduct an audit of the decision process using Decision Clarity Consulting assessment and measurement tools. Provide answers to critical decision process questions. Are there clear definitions? Are assumptions highlighted and are they supported with evidence? Are trade-offs identified? Are there clear measurements of success? Have these been reconciled with other important goals? Is cause-and-effect clearly established and validated? Are risk factors identified?


An audit does not attempt to fix the problems in such a recommendation, but it does highlight where there might be issues or short-cuts in decision-making which put the validity of the recommendation in doubt.

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