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In an organization experiencing a fast pace of change, frequent exogenous shocks, and uncertainty, it is not uncommon that all the talent and resources of the organization are needed to keep things stable and operating efficiently. The talent to lead a critical decision-making team exists within the organization but they are not available. In such cases, or where there is contention among members or constituent parts of the organization, it is often valuable to bring in a third party to lead the effort of integrating all the contributions of a team to reach a robust, well-founded, quality decision. The facilitator leads the entire planning and execution of the project under the auspices of, and reporting to, the sponsoring executive(s), utilizing all the structured decision-making tools, techniques and methodology necessary to achieve the desired outcome.


A complex decision has to be made involving disparate, and potentially contentious, participants. Process clarity, transparency, and independence are required. You either do not have anyone available to take the lead role or it is advantageous to have an independent third party to perform that function.


Identify the context and nature of the final outcome required. Plan the critical steps necessary to reach the required decision. Identify key stakeholders and the range of participation required. Facilitate groups sessions according to plan. Provide training and individual coaching as necessary.


Portfolio of decision documentation outlining all issues addressed. Communication plan. Risk plan. Selected individuals trained in various quality and decision-making tools.

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