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You have a complex decision that you need to make. What are the risks, how should it be framed, who needs to be involved, does anyone need to be involved? In large, complex organizations, it is sometimes challenging to have the frank planning conversations that are necessary for effective planning. Working with an individual who has both a deep understanding of structured decision making processes as well as executive and board experience can provide a discrete and expeditious forum for planning how to proceed.


Dependent on circumstances but usually involves one-to-one meetings to discuss context, risks, issues, and circumstances of the decision-making process. Sometimes a single conversation is all that is warranted and on other occasions much more work has to be done.


Highly variable but usually results in at least a documented roadmap of how best to proceed in terms of level of formality in decision-making as well as addressing some specifics such as how to obtain degrees of involvement from critical parties.

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