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When faced with a prolonged period of rapid change and uncertainty, it can be valuable to an organization to build up its institutional capacity for rigorous, structured decision-making. Having 10, 20, or 50 managers and executives with a thorough exposure to and experience with a shared structured decision-making approach, not only improves the quality of their own decisions as executives, but enhances the dissemination of such decision-making practices throughout the organization as well as increasing the probability that experienced individuals are available when critical issues arise requiring a team decision.

Training covers standard improvement tools and techniques as well as Decision Clarity Consulting’s decision-making methodologies. It provides real world application and experience.


Your organization faces a series of major issues and decisions over a foreseeable timeframe. Many are likely to involve significant levels of opposition. While excellent, in their respective fields of expertise, you do not have a culture of structured, collaborative decision-making which you wish to build in order to speed up the pace of decision-making as well as improve the quality of decisions made.


Conduct a census of team, TQM, and decision-making skills. Determine the number of people needing improved structured decision-making skills. Potentially identify a portfolio of less critical or time-sensitive projects for teams of individuals to cut their teeth on. Conduct stand-alone training (skills only) or facilitated training (skills and experience in the context of real world delivery)


Increased portfolio of individuals who can reliably demonstrate structured decision-making in and beyond their own field of expertise and who can provide leadership and momentum to the organization in making better decisions faster in a fast-paced and uncertain environment.

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